Farm Shed Cleaning in Galway

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Farm Shed Cleaning Galway
Farm Shed Cleaning Galway

Farm Shed Cleaning Galway

Donoghue’s farm sprayers provide a comprehensive farm shed cleaning service in Galway, including poultry manure removal, excreta disposal, high-pressure washing, wastewater removal, feed bin cleaning, disinfection, heat sterilization, floor repairs, and shed bedding in preparation for the next harvest.

Our services can be provided as a whole, as a complete package from beginning to end, or as individual services based on our customers’ needs.

Our employees are educated and qualified to the highest industry standards in their respective business units, making us the skilled option.

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As soon as the birds have left the huts, our dedicated mucking-out crew will arrive on site. At the customer’s order, we scrape the litter and load it onto trailers using a variety of specialized equipment. We operate a diverse range of machines, enabling us to choose the best device for the job. We have the versatility to satisfy your needs, from smaller machines for smaller sheds to larger machines for larger sheds.

We time our farm shed washing crew to arrive on site as soon as the mucking out team has completed their work. Our wash crews take their time and do a thorough job, resulting in sheds washed to the degree that no one else in Galway can match.

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After the poultry sheds have been thoroughly cleaned, a professional team applies disinfectant to the huts to ensure that the hygiene program is entirely successful.

Donoghue’s farm sprayers promote heat sterilization of farm shed floors to reduce biohazard risks further. Heating floors to 500 degrees Celsius until disinfecting them kills various bacteria, and the heat even aids the disinfectant’s effectiveness.

Our muck and wash crews are backed up by a six-person engineering team that keeps our fleet of tractors, trucks, tankers, and lorries in top shape to ensure business continuity.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our cleaning service in an industry where exceptionally high bio-security standards are needed to mitigate disease, increase farm productivity, enhance animal welfare standards, and protect the environment, with health and safety a top priority.

How does it work?

When you use our PCS mucking out service, the following steps will be followed:

Arrival at the venue

Upon arrival, the team leader will assume command of the site. He will sign his team in and inspect the sheds to determine any pre-cleanout damage and ensure that all of your equipment is out of the way, ready for us to begin.


We use high-pressure compressors to blast all dust out of the shed’s casing, fan boxes, and feedlines.

Keeping rid of litter

We usually use two Bobcat skid steers to drive the litter into the middle of your shed using our advanced equipment. These machines are small and stylish, fitting into even the tiniest of spaces and providing our operators with a quick and efficient way to empty sheds.

Getting ready to load

After the litter has been moved to the middle of the barn, compact telehandlers load the garbage onto waiting lorries or tractors and trailers.

Scraping and blowing the floor

Our men return to the shed after clearing the litter to scrape around the walls and posts, removing any stuck-down junk. They then blast any trapped material off the walls and into the center of the shed with backpack blowers.

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I used Donoghues Farm Sprayers to paint and seal my farm sheds and I highly recommend them.
Alan McCarty
These guys did a great job of Tarmac sealing my roof last year. It's as good as new and well worth the money.
Dean Foran
Home Owner